About us

We are a nongovernmental Organization, registered at the Ministry of Justice in Republic of Moldova, on 9th of February 2010. Our mission is to help disabled children and people diagnosed with cancer. For fulfillment of our goal, we established the following objectives:

- Develop strategic regional, national and international partnerships in social and medical fields;

- Contribute to protection of human rights fro disabled children and people diagnosed with cancer;

- Develop informing, training and awareness programs for early diagnosis and treatment of cancer;

- Contribute to improvement of life quality of disabled children and people diagnosed with cancer;

- Develop social, psychological and juridical support for disable children and people diagnosed with cancer;

We aim to improve the life conditions of our beneficiaries. We saw what these people and their families are going through and decided that we can help them, we can do more. As such a diagnosis as cancer changes a person’s life entirely, we want to help that this change won’t be a sad one. There is a chance to go on.

Through our programs and projects we want to help our beneficiaries to move on. We already succeeded and are willing to help people further to realize that they can do more. No matter who they are: businessmen, politician, doctors, teachers, simple people – they can make a difference.

We are inviting you to open your hearts and help . Good things are best created together.

Many thanks,
„Pro Speranta” team

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